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Welcome Aboard!

Book your spot today and join us for a Florida Keys adventure.

Unique Adventure

A Unique Adventure

Customized trips for up to 6 passengers combining several activities to get the most of your day!

* Reef Snorkeling, * Island Exploring, * Sandbars,
* Sightseeing from the water around the islands & through the canals,

* Restaurant trips by boat,
* Longer distance Custom Excursions outside of the Marathon & middle Keys locations

* Sunsets, Special Occasions, Photography, & More
* Concierge Services; Helping to arrange or point you in the right direction for other Island services & activities

More Than Marahon

More Than Just Marathon

The Captain is also excited to plan a longer distance trip, leaving from Marathon, but cruising southwest (40 to 60 miles) to a cluster of uninhabited islands that are less visited. These islands are teaming with wildlife and lots of areas to explore along with beautiful sandbars to swim and relax. Please contact the captain for planning details including additional fuel costs for longer distance trips.

Customize Your Day

It's Your Day, Let's Customize It!

The day is yours, we can schedule to leave and come in whenever you like and change things up throughout the day depending what the weather is looking like, how people are feeling, and what you want to see and do to get the most of your day. We can spend as much or as little time as you like at any location before moving on to the next thing.  Depending on where you are located, I can pick you up from one of a few locations in Marathon and drop you off the same. Everything on the boat is included. What is ours is yours when you are out with us. We genuinely want to share this beautiful place with you, create wonderful memories for you, and build a relationship with you that will hopefully lead to repeat business, referrals, and a lasting friendship.

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