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What Will You Need

* Any drinks / snacks desired (The vessel will have a cooler with ice & water. If arrangements are made ahead of time, the Captain can get you food and drinks and have them already onboard for you when you show up, or we can simply plan to pull into tiki-hut for food and drinks along  the way). 
* Plenty of sunscreen / Cover up apparel from the sun
* Towels for all people in party, and maybe a few extra
* Long sleeves / extra cover up to swim and snorkel in and or to have dry for when you get out of the water
* If motion sickness is a concern, be sure take Dramamine or motion sickness supplements ahead of time.

* Hats & Sunglasses (preferably polarized to see the beautiful colors of the water) 

What Will You Need
What We Cannot Offer

Booking Information

Booking Information

Communication and Preparation are key to making a great experience. We tried to include as much information here as you need. Please read through the entire website to answer your questions. You are welcome to call, but the Captain is often out on the water with guests and will give them, as he will you, his undivided attention, meaning he will not take calls while he is out with guests. If this is the case when you call, please leave a detailed message with contact information, and the Captain will be happy to contact you directly to discuss your trip and start planning for your charter with us.

We encourage you to send us an email with any inquiries and please include names, dates interested in booking, how many in the party (children & their ages), and contact information. With this information, we can reach out to you, get to know you, answer any questions, and start to plan for your day with us.

Please note: this vessel is for up to 6 passengers only and please see Cancellation policy for information regarding cancellations. Thank you. 

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The Rates

The Rates

We genuinely want to share this beautiful place with you, create wonderful memories for you, and build a relationship with you that will hopefully lead to repeat business, referrals, and a lasting friendship. 

Along with the cost of the boat and Insurance, Fuel is our largest expense and prices fluctuate regularly. Fuel is included for trips around the Marathon area. If you decide to stay out longer then planned, or go further than the Marathon area while we are out, we would love to do this for you, we want you to feel like it’s your boat for the day, and we can just add extra time/fuel expenses to the trip as we go. There are no hidden fees, everything on the boat is included. What is ours is yours when you are out with us.


Full Day in the Marathon Area = $1,100 + tax

(Up to 6 hours on the water from the 7-mile bridge to Duck Key (MM 61), ocean and bay side near coastal) 

Additional time can be added for $190 p/hour
If the day sneaks away with too much fun from what you planned on and you want to stay out longer, we are happy to extend the day if possible and accommodate whatever we can to make your day a memorable one.


By the Hour = $185 p/hour + tax

If you are not looking for a full day on the water, but a smaller trip, we are happy to work with you on almost any scenario.


Extended Excursions 

Weather permitting, we would love to plan a custom trip with a longer boat ride to some of the outer islands and sandbars for you to explore locations outside of Marathon. Trips to the Content Keys, or islands, reefs, restaurants, and sandbars off the lower Keys and even Key West. Get an earlier start and run approximately 40 to 60 miles southwest to explore these areas and return to Marathon.

Speak with the Captain to discuss options for these custom extended Excursions and get an idea of estimated costs for these longer distance trips.  

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We Cannot Offer


Fishing & Scuba Diving

You deserve the best when it comes to your trip, and while we can offer many customizable services, unfortunately we cannot offer SCUBA Diving. We are happy to take you out on excursions to the reefs, islands, and sandbars for snorkeling, swimming, and exploring, but we are not authorized to charter for any SCUBA Diving trips or trips that involve any artificial underwater breathing devices. We do apologize for the inconvenience, but we are happy to recommend some great outfits for these types of trips. 

Additionally, Sportfishing is excellent in South FL and the FL Keys and there are several amazing fishing charters to choose from. This is what they do, and they are great at it. We want you to have the very best day possible and for that reason we leave the fishing to the very best guides that specialize in sport fishing for this area. We are happy to recommend some guides for your fishing adventures.



Our goal is to provide you the best possible day and share this beautiful place with you, however, nothing comes before safety. Nobody knows you, like you! If you are not a great swimmer, or have some health limitations that could pose a risk to you or anyone while in the water, trying to get out of the water up the ladder, or while out with Sea Bear on the water at all,  its ok, but it is important that you share this with the Captain, we can still provide a great day on the water for you, but we need to know ahead of time and plan for it.  Additionally, we will try and get the most out of the day for you, however, if weather and/or sea conditions prevent some activities like swimming and/or snorkeling, the Captain will certainly let you know and discuss alternative options for the day with you. We hope you understand, just before your satisfaction, your Safety is our largest priority! Thank you  



Any trip cancelled prior to 3 calendar days of the scheduled charter will be refunded 100%.
Any trip cancelled 3 calendar days or closer to the scheduled charter will be charged 1/2 price as we have already invested time and turned away other business to hold your charter.
Cancellations from the Captain for mechanical issues, weather, or unforeseen circumstances will be refunded 100% with our deepest regrets, assistance in finding another way for you to enjoy the day, and priority booking for another day with us.

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